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Go to the parts store and tell them you need some starter shims for your year truck.

Then ask them how they work and they will explain it to you.

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Q: Is there a way that you can keep a starter form grinding on a Chevy 350?
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Why does a 1980 Chevy truck's starter keep starting after the truck fires up?

The starter solenoid is bad.

Why is your starter keep burning out?

1999 chevy 3500 hd starter drags bad have to jump start every time

Your 98 Mazda Millenia makes a grinding type noise when you start it why?

If the grinding noise is heard only when starting the car, the problem is probably worn bushings. When the bushings wear out, the armature inside the starter will "sag" and grind against the inside of the starter as it spins, causing the grinding noise you hear. This condition is called "starter drag". Eventually, as the bushings keep wearing, the armature will not spin at all. If you are mechanically inclined, you can purchase a starter kit and do the repairs yourself. If not, it would be wise to replace the starter before you become stranded somewhere.

Why would the small block engine want to keep running and making grinding noises after igintion is shut off?

Sounds like starter drive is not releasing--perhaps a bad starter solenoid

What causes your starter to keep grinding with your flywheel on a ford ranger 5- speed?

I've had a sticky starter solenoid do this to me. I just hit it with a hammer and it's been working since. But you could replace it too.

Why does your Chevy s10 zr2 2002 keep trying to restart after already running?

The starter solenoid is sticking or stuck.

Where is the starter on a 92 Chevy Camaro rs v6?

Look at battery and find the red wire or post with + ( positive ) and keep looking where this wire goes that will be the starter keep in mind that all cars are not wired like this GM car is.

What else will stop a Chevy Tahoe from starting?

There are several things that can keep a Chevy Tahoe from starting including the starter being bad, a dead battery, an alternator, or a fuel pump.

1992 Chevy pickup will not crank when jumper cables hooked up the cables will get very hot and with key off the started will keep attempting to start?

You either have a shorted out starter are the starter wires are shorted out.

What is the definition of RCC column starter?

Starter may be defined as a base structure before casting of column to keep column in fixed position and to erect form-work.

How do you install the starter on a 1983 4wd 8cyl Chevy Blazer?

The starter is on the bottom passenger side of motor. disconnect the battery first. then disconnect the wires attached to the top of the starter. then remove the 2 bolts going thru the starter to remove.make sure you keep track of any shims and put them back in . install in reverse order

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