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Q: Is there a turn based battle game maker?
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What is the Arceus code th re-battle him in Pokemon diamond?

To re-battle arceus there is only two ways! use the modifier code on Action Replay. Or before you battle Arceus for your first time save it right in front of him and then battle him if you don't catch him and he loses his HP turn the game off, then turn it back on and you re-battle him! WARNING: If don't catch him the first time you battle him...when you turn off the game and turn it back on you'll still be in front of Arceus but the first time you battle him wouldn't count so I'd try to catch him on my first time...ut remember if you save it in front of him before you battle it you have plenty more chances of catching it!

What happens if you acidentently had Ho-oh faint in pokemon soulsilver?

you should save before you battle it so if it faints you can turn off your game and battle it again

What are the chances of catching a shiny Pokemon at a chain of 20?

The chances of catching a shiny anytime, anywhere, is around 1 in a thousand. A neat trick to catch a shiny legendary is to save before the battle and, when the battle is started, turn off your game if it isn't shiny, until it shows up shiny. This doesn't mean you will have to turn your game of 1000 times, though it does take a while. Happy searching! =3

Can you still battle Heatran if he feints in pokemon platinum?

Here is a trick. Save before you fight him, then if he kills you or you kill him turn off game, then turn it back on, then he will still be there. Do that till you catch him. Need anymore details email me at

Can you battle Palkia again if you were defeated by it on the first encounter?

You can only catch Palkia once. If you lose, it runs away and you can't find it ever again. But if you saved the game before you battled Palkia then you just turn the game off and on and try again.

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What is a turn based game?

Turn based game is you take turns each round when you play a game :D if you looking for turn based game, i suggest you try Good luck ~

How do you make a vehicle not turn if not moving in game maker?

if speed != 0{}

Who won the Battle for Middle Earth?

The Battle for Middle Earth is a PC real time strategy game developed by EA Los Angeles. It is based on Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, in turn based on J.R.R Tolkien's original novel.

Is Mario and luigi bowsers inside story a fun game?

Yes it is. It is rather similar to the Paper Mario series, in that battle is turn-based and that you have access to badges and the like.

How do you make the screen turn when the kart turns to make a turn left or right You are making a game with game maker a Mario kart game?

If its anthing like what i use, fix a camra to the back of the cart.

What type of game is fire emblem?

Turn Based Strategy Game

How do you make game maker games turn into an app?

In the top tab, click- File/Create Executable.

Is the game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon a game with turn-based fighting?


If you defeat girintina can you battle it again?

only if you haven't saved it you can turn off the game and go battle it again

How do you save in Battle of Giants Dragons?

The game saves atomaticaly, You can just turn the DS of when you are finished playing. Enjoy your game!

Where do you find fearow in Pokemon?

go to the battle frontier and talk to the fat guy go to the battle frontier and talk to the fat guy and save and turn off the game. the turn it back on then go to your PC and you will see the Pokemon fearow go to the battle frontier and talk to the fat guy and save and turn off the game. then turn it back on then go to your PC and you will see the Pokemon fearow. by faisal peera

What was a saddle and harness maker called at the turn of the 20th Century?

A saddler and harness maker or a "tack" maker.