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Generally the best thing to do is to secure the new insurance, and then present the documentation of the new insurance to the old insurer so that they can cancel that policy as of the effective date of the new insurance. Your new insurance company may take care of this notification for you. This sequence will avoid any gaps in your coverage.

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Q: Is there a time your not covered when changing insurance company from one to another?
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If you get a new car and you have insurance on another car is the new car covered or not?

It is not automatically covered. You must call your insurance company and add the car to your policy.

Are snowmobiles covered on your Homeowners insurance policy?

depending on you insurance company... I know my snowmobiles are covered on my homeowners

If person not covered in insurance policy recks car is car repair covered by insurance company?


Is a shed that was delivered on property covered by insurance?

Absolutely. Notify the company that you want it covered and it will be covered.

What is Covered peril?

Perils are types of losses. All losses(perils) covered by an insurance company will be in your insurance booklet that they mail to you.

How can someone check their car insurance to see what kind of theft is covered?

You can check your car insurance to see what kind of theft is covered by contacting your car insurance company. In addition, you can log in to your car insurance company website account.

What is a covered peril?

Perils are types of losses. All losses(perils) covered by an insurance company will be in your insurance booklet that they mail to you.

How can I find out if my optometrist appointments are covered by my insurance?

I would say that it depends on your insurance. I would contact your insurance company and see what they offer. Sometimes you can even access the company's website and they will give you a list of what's covered.

Are pain clinics covered by health insurance?

Most pain clinics are covered by health insurances, however, the best way to be make sure is to call your insurance company. The insurance company can provide you a list of pain clinics that your insurance will cover.

If an employee leaves does the employer have to provide Cobra insurance until they find another insurance company?

If you had an employee covered under a group policy (less than 5), do you have to provide Cobra insurance to the employee until they find other coverage if they leave the company?

What is typically covered under small business insurance?

Small business insurance is geared to industry so what is covered will depend on what industry you are in and which insurance company your policy is supplied from.

Can you change homeowners insurance companies if you have a claim with the old company for hidden dry rot?

You can change insurance companies at any time you want to. Dry rot is not covered under any homeowners insurance policy and will not be covered by any other company that you change to. When the company finds that you are filing claims for such items and are mad because it wasn't covered the new application may be rejected as well by the new company. Dry rot is a maintenance issue and not the result of a covered cause under home insurance. To be covered by home insurance it must be the result of a covered cause which generally means it must be sudden and accidental.