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yes they are posting it on YouTube nowadays

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Q: Is there a serial called noor jahan telecasted on doordarsan?
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What was Nur Jahan's religion?

well it was called "sahi Islam"

Malika noor jahan wife of shah jahan?

Nur Jahan was the wife of Shah Jahan's father Jahangir. She was Shah Jahan's step mother.

What is the name of the Shah Jahan's memorial?

It is called the Taj Mahal! People consider it the eighth wonder of the world. It was made by shah jahan and it is a memorial for mumtaz mahal.

How did Shahjahanabad get its name?

Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built a new walled city at Delhi in 1648, which is called Shahjahanabad, meaning City of Shah Jahan.

Why was Nur Jahan called the light of the palace?

Mihr-un-nissa was the real name of Nur Jahan. After her marriage with Jahangir, she was at first given the title of Nur Mahal, which means Light of the Palace. Later she was given the title of Nur Jahan, which means Light of the World.

When was Jahan Shah I born?

Shah Jahan was born on January 5, 1592.

Is Shah Jahan single?

No, Shah Jahan is not single.

How to write the name kousar jahan in urdu?

kousar jahan

When was Jahan Salehi born?

Jahan Salehi was born in 1954.

When was Rounaq Jahan born?

Rounaq Jahan was born in 1944.

When was Rashid Jahan born?

Rashid Jahan was born in 1905.

When did Rashid Jahan die?

Rashid Jahan died in 1952.