Is there a raze multiplayer game?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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no no there isn't but raze 2 is coming out some time in 2011 i don't know if it has multiplayer

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Q: Is there a raze multiplayer game?
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When is raze 3 game coming out?

Raze 3 is an rumored unreleased online shooting game apparently to come out 2013. On, Juice-Tin hasn't said anything concerning a sequel to Raze 2. Before Raze 2 was released, Juice-Tin said that the game would be multiplayer. Now, rumors say that Raze 3 would have multiplayer enabled on the game. So in conclusion, Raze 3 does not exist yet.

How do you play online on raze?

You need to go on multiplayer or quick match!

Is the game raze online?


Is raze 2 multiplayer?

No, it is not . it is just made up names from the game developers. that is why the comments above your characters head sound like things that a real gamer would say. and they are pre-made comments from the game developers.

How do you beat the game raze?

Ridiculous skill

How do you invite people on the game raze?

you cant

When is the gun game 3 going to be made?

I dont think there is gonna be a Gun game 3 but i do want their to be a Gun game 3 and if you like Raze there will be a Raze 2 some day

What websites have the game raze?

Armour games and keygames

What is raze 2?

it is an awesome shooting game on learn4good

In the game The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass is it a multiplayer game?

the game itself isn't multiplayer, but there is a multiplayer mini-game.

How do you delete raze game profile?

On a PC, search Raze on your computer (include hidden and system files). Delete any files that come up that say Raze on it. On a Mac, I don't know.

Are there cheats for the game raze and what are the cheats and how do you get them?

You just go on this website called, and search raze in the search bar hope it helped:)...