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No unfortunately.....

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Q: Is there a new Charmed series?
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Is there any new episodes of charmed?

The series finale was "Forever Charmed", which aired May 21, 2006.

When will you know if there will be a new Charmed?

There are no plans to currently create a new series of Charmed. Personally I doubt it will happen because their are no sets to use as they destroyed them and it would be to expensive to recreate them. They are planning to release a Charmed comic, in March 2010 though

When will the new charmed come out?

Unfortunatly, there will be no new charmed :( Unfortunatly, there will be no new charmed :(

Who played payton on the tv series charmed?

There is no character Payton on Charmed.

Does phoebe from charmed get married?

Phoebe from Charmed was married to Cole in the series.

Will there be a charmed the next generation series?

sorry, it doesnt exist. i was disapointed to , it was made by fans. but theres good news . if you watched all the charmed seasons, theres a new charmed in town its called supernatural. cheak it out!!!!!!!

Is there a series 9 of charmed?


Is a witches tail in season 9 of charmed?

it can't be because there is no series 9 of charmed (unfortunately) !! :(

Is prue coming back to charmed?

"Charmed" is no longer in production. Prue did not return as at the series finale.

Watch for free all series of Charmed?

You can go to to watch full free episodes of Charmed.

Will there be a new charmed series?

Um...NO.There was talk of a spin-off about Leo, but that may have been stopped before being started.

What was the first on charmed episode on series 4?

Charmed Again (Prue's funeral, the sisters meet Paige) :D