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Q: Is there a natural way to cure prostate calcification?
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How to relieve Back pain caused by calcification?

The best way to relieve back pain caused by calcification is with magnesium and sodium thiosulfate. Magnesium may even decrease calcification.

What are the solutions for prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers found in men, second only to skin cancer in prevalence. The best way to treat prostate cancer is either through surgery to remove the prostate or through radiation therapy. Aside from the authentic treatment for Prostate Cancer, there is also a more natural alternative for such cure. These are a combination of physical activities and a series of naturalized medical intakes. Exercise and diet and detoxification are some of the most promoted physical ways to alter the course of your cancer. It is a generic way to keep your body healthy and fit and goes for all types of diseases, not just cancer. read more:see related link

How do you cure dream semenation?

Wet dreams are natural. but a way to stop them is to masturbate before you go to bed

What is a cure or treatment for prostate concretion?

As with any illness, enlarged prostate glands can be treated in many different ways. They include being prescribed medicine by a doctor, surgery and even changing your way of life.

What's the best natural way to cure sleep apnea?

The best natural ways to cure sleep apnea is to use acupuncture or herbs. Still for long time treatment the best way is probably to simply change to a more healthy lifestyle. Try to workout more, eat healthier and stop with smoking or alcohol.

How do you cure a itchy scrotum in a all natural way?

There are many Herbs found, which have the Natural Healing Properties.These herbs have the property to cure many types of skin infections, itches etc..To get an idepth knowlegde you can check on some of the web sites online which would give you an Indepth knowledge about these Natural Healing Herbs .

Is surgery the only cure for bunions?

No, it is not the cure way but it is the BEST way.

How do you remove vitiligo naturely?

The Best way to remove Vitiligo patches is Natural Herbal Oil. as Natural Herbs Vitiligo Cure is Best treatment to Get rid of vitiligo Naturally Links is Given Below

What alternative ways are their for treating shingles?

You cannot cure shingles, but taking an antiviral is an effective way to treat it. There are also some natural remedies to treat it.

What prevents enlarged prostate?

Whether or not enlarged prostate is caused by hormonal changes in aging men, there is no known way of preventing it

Can you give someone psoriasis on their prostate if you have it on your elbow?

No. Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, even if you did in some way manage to bring your elbow into contact with someone's prostate.

Is acne a natural cause?

Yes Acne is very natural. Your pores on your body overproduce cells and they become blocked. You have to stop this process. I've got severe acne and found a great natural way to cure and prevent acne for good. Check it out. It's great