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It's actually invincibility but yes their is one just look it up online try i always go their for my cheat codes

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Q: Is there a invibilty health cheat for gta4?
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How do you get invincibilty on gta4 for 360?

you can't, there is a overpowered health cheat though.

What is the best cheat code in gta4?

is there a cheat for a dog on gta4

Invulnerable cheat for gta4 on Xbox 360?

there is none. try the health cheat though, it should help you for everything that doesn't kill you instantly.

What is the cheat for the phantom in GTA4?

what is the cheat for the phantom on gta 4

GTA4 can achevements be got if you did a cheat for them?


How do you get a prison bus in GTA4?


Is there a cheat for the pcj 600 on gta4 and if it is what is the cheat?

Sory But There Is No Cheat For PCJ- 600.

What is the cheat to spawn a tank in gta4 ps3?

there is no tank, so their is no cheat.

The cheat code for a plane on gta4?

there is no code

Is there a highter jump cheat for gta4 on ps3?


Is there a cheat to unlock algonquin GTA4?

No cheats.

Is there a cheat for infurnase on gta4 ps3?

no, there is no cheat for the infurnace. I'm just as sad as you are...