Is there a global.asax in PHP?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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No, ASAX is for ASP.NET, which is another language.

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Q: Is there a global.asax in PHP?
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Answer: Php 2510% of Php 250= 10% * Php 250= 0.10 * Php 250= Php 25

What is a php consultant?

PHP Consultant is a Expert PHP Developer who Guide PHP Development Process

What is the default extension that most Web servers use to process php scripts?

PHP files extension is .php

What are semantics in PHP?

PHP is related with HTML. HTML can be included into PHP script as well as PHP script can be included into HTML code. PHP begins and ends with <?php ?>. PHP is mix of few languages so semantics is mixed too.

Is php a binary file?

No, PHP is text file with .php extension.

Will php 4.4.7 server support php 5 files?

Yes php 4.4.7 server support php 5 files. But most of the php 5 features are not supported by php 4.4.7 version

Does android supports PHP?

It supports websites made on php but not coding in php. There are workarounds for coding in PHP using Android.

How do you get the url in a php website?

Copy the URL with the .php, The .php is part of the page.

What is new in PHP?

PHP is a recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" created by The PHP Group. PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language and the general purpose of PHP is to create dynamic Web Pages. For more information, visit the PHP website.

Where can PHP help be found online?

PHP help can be found online in several different places. Some of these places include PHP Live Support, PHP Moot, PHP Help, Live Person, and PHP Freaks.

How do I get rid of PHP in Charter's home page?

Open the PHP script and delete the PHP from it.

What is php extension?

We can write php extension is many way... .php , .php5, .php4