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Q: Is the wax in waxed paper harmful if swallowed?
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What is waxed paper made out of?

wax paper is made out of wax,paer,and the trees 2 make the paper.

What side is the wax on cutrite wax paper?

With a standard roll of cutrite paper, the waxed side will be on the bottom when you pull it out. However, they also sell a grilling paper that is waxed on both sides.

What is the movement of kerosene on waxed paper?

The droplets of kerosene diffuse and spread in the wax paper.

What store sells wax paper?

Wax paper (also waxed paper) can be purchased at supermarkets, in the aisle with other paper products, aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

Is wax recyclable?

Waxed paper can be used again provided it did not have raw meat on it previously. Other substances may just wipe off the waxed paper allowing it to be used again.

What if you accidentally baked cookies on wax paper are they still SAFE to eat?

As long as the waxed paper isn't burnt into the bottom of the cookies there isn't a problem. Even then, wax paper isn't poisonous.

How do you make a wax paper kazoo?

Fold wax paper over a simple comb (used for combing hair) and put your lips against it with lips slightly parted. Hum onto the waxed paper/comb. It sounds like a kazoo!

How do you get wax paper off baked on food?

Very lightly moisten the back of the waxed paper and peel it off quickly before the dampness gets to the food.

Is waxed paper and frosted glass are examples of materials that are transparent?

No. Frosted glass and wax paper are translucent. They pss light but cannot be seen through.

What is the past participle of wax?


What is the past tense of the verb wax?


What kind of illegal drugs sold in wax bags?

all my spoons are missing from my kitchen and i find long waxed bags about 2 inches long