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Q: Is the tv show hardcore pawn fake?
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What movie and television projects has Ashley Broad been in?

Ashley Broad has: Played Herself - Guest in "Good Morning America" in 1975. Played herself in "Good Morning America" in 1975. Played herself in "Fox and Friends" in 1998. Performed in "Hardcore Pawn" in 2009. Played Herself - Pawnshop Manager in "Hardcore Pawn" in 2009. Played herself in "Hardcore Pawn" in 2009. Played herself in "Big Morning Buzz Live" in 2011. Played herself in "Good Afternoon America" in 2012. Played Herself - Guest in "The Arsenio Hall Show" in 2013.

What does Ashley Broad's husband do?

Ashley Broad is a business woman who appears on the television series "Hardcore Pawn." Jordan, her husband, is the CEO at The Institute for Applied Creativity.

Who directed the movie Buy My House?

There are no references to a movie called Buy My House. There is a 2007 movie called 'Please Buy My House' which was directed (and written) by Elena Sorre. She is most well known for working as a post producer on the television show 'Hardcore Pawn'.

Is the show mystery dinners real?

No it is fake tv show

Where can you buy the George C Scott version of The Price?

I heard that they are selling them at the pawn shop. They are on a TV show called Pawn Stars.

Where can you sell a used car stereo in Las Vegas NV?

Pawn Shop If you've ever seen Pawn Stars, a tv show, they own a pawn shop in Las vegas

Is pawn stars on Netflix?

The TV show Pawn Stars is no longer on Netflix. It is one of many shows that has been taken off the Netflix service.

Are The Walking Dead tv show zombies fake?

Yes, the zombies on the TV show are fake. They are just regular people with lots of make-up and colored contact lenses.

What kind of watch does Corey Harrison of pawn stars wear?

Corey Harrison has an advertising deal with American Aviator and is seen wearing their watches in the TV show Pawn Stars.

What is the duration of ECW Hardcore TV?

The duration of ECW Hardcore TV is 3480.0 seconds.

When did ECW Hardcore TV end?

ECW Hardcore TV ended on 2000-12-31.

When was ECW Hardcore TV created?

ECW Hardcore TV was created on 1993-04-05.