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It is potentially dangerous. The radiation level found in granite is enough to suppress the immune system, cause birth defects, and cause cancer. There are granite composite options which are not containing the level of radiation that is dangerous.

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Q: Is the radiation level in granite dangerous?
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Do granite counter tops give off radiation?

Granite does not give off radiation, though it may contain trace amounts of material which does. Any amount of radiation it releases should be insignificant (i.e. background radiation).

Is it dangerous to be around radiation patients?

When sick people are treated with radiation, that does not make them radioactive. Radiation is dangerous, but radiation patients are not.

What is the pH level of granite?

Granite hasn't a pH.

What is dangerous about granite rock?

Granite is not dangerous only when it is in your kitchen but when it is out on land and scrathches you it make puss come out and bleeds to death. My friend died of it!!

Are alpha radiation dangerous?

Any electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. Alpha waves are higher on the radiation scale than x-rays so yes, they are dangerous.

What should you get granite maul or granite mace on runescape?

if your strength is better than your attack level you should get granite maul

How dangerous is the radiation belt around earth?

It's not dangerous to people on earth, because the atmosphere shields us from the radiation.

What disease does granite cause?

Granite is a source of radiation; radon gas can be released from granite if it is drilled into. It is possible that people living on granite could have a higher cancer risk, but I don't think any real proof has been shown to exist.

Is heat radiation dangerous?


Which type of radiation is most dangerous if it's inhaled or swallowed?

alpha radiation

What is the elevation above sea level for Granite Falls MN?

Granite Falls, Minnesota is 919 feet (280 meters) above sea level

What is a catchy title for a science fair project dealing with possible radiation in common household stones such as granite?

You could try household radiation as a title.