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Q: Is the new Cadbury's advertisement real?
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Who is the ape in the Cadburys advertisement?

it is not a person. it is a real gorilla.

Is Preeta Rao the Cadburys Girl?

Yes. Prita Rao is the Cadburys Girl. Shez done the Cadburys Dairy Milk Ad with Amitabh Bachchan and also the Cadburys New 5 Star crunchy Advertisement. in which her boyfriend hides in the kitchen closet when her parents suddenly walk in home. It was a cute 5star Advertisement.

What is the song in the new Cadburys eyebrow dancing advertisement?

Freestyle is the name of the group and "Don't Stop The Rock" is the name of the song. You can listen to the song here: for more updates on the group and live performances:

What are some popular chocolates in New Zealand?

Whittakers, Cadburys...

Is Cadburys chocolate still real chocolate?

Yeh it is real because it real life from roald Dahl life!!👍👍👍

What is a sentence containing the word advertisement?

Is that a new song or is that an advertisement?

What is the song in the new Cadburys gorilla advert?

In the Air Tonight, Phil Collins

Is the Cadburys gorilla real?

yes well of course it is, I saw him last week on the street playing the banjo

Do I have to pay if I do advertisement on facebook?

Yes for doing advertisement or to use the new promote feature avilable you need to pay for the advertisement.

An advertisement for a new model of luxury sedan would target?

An advertisement for a new model of luxury sedan would target

What are the disadvantages of a Cadburys schweppes having subsidiaries?

a disadvatage of cadburys is that your still alive

What was the big chocolate bar in Tracy beaker?

It wasn't real, due to the law prohibiting advertising companies they weren't allowed to show a real company such as Cadburys or Galaxy.