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Modern teenager

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Q: Is the modern lifestyle is good for teenagers?
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What are the general lifestyle of teenagers in Singapore?

The singapore teenagers have a good sense of culture because they are live in the contry that have multi culture, they do the same think that othe teenagers do but the difference is they spent more time in they study

Main differences between modern lifestyle and traditional lifestyle?

what are different in modern lifestyle and traditional life

What is the lifestyle of the teenagers during World War 2?

when i find out i will get back to you

What are the natural resources that Italy depends on for modern lifestyle?

Italy needs it people for its modern lifestyle.

What are some lifestyles for the US?

the lifestyle in America is a modern day lifestyle.

What is Social network influence?

It influence the lifestyle of many people most especially to teenagers.

What are side effects of modern lifestyle?

evry body think just about money . peaple dont have good relationship together

Is call of duty modern warfare 2 OK for teenagers?

yes no problem for most unsheltered teenagers

Modern lifestyle is healthy?

Sure, for a corpse.

What causes stress in modern life?

Modern lifestyle is full of stress. It causes so because of the pressure. Pressure in lifestyle, Pressure at workplace.

Why do people in japan leave their country?

Because of the many jobs the cities have to offer. For example, Tokyo has many jobs, and is very modern/has a modern lifestyle. Japan has two different lifestyles-modern and traditional. Today, the modern lifestyle is overtaking the traditional lifestyle. Young individuals are seeking for careers-cities are the places to go for them.

What was the lifestyle in 1950s?

it was good it was good