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generally no , however each party that is hit by your vehicle can and most likely will file a claim against you. usually the person you hit files agaist you, the person they hit files against them and so on.

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Q: Is the last person in a car pile-up at fault for the whole accident?
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Would an insurance company instantly refuce a claim if you were not at fault in an accident and your vehicle had balg tires?

No. If you were not at fault then the other person's carrier would pay the claim and your company would not have to do anything. I don't think you are giving the whole fact of the incident.

Who at fault on head on collision car accident?

In all crashes there is an underlying cause or driving error. The person who made the error and presumably broke the law is at fault. In virtually all head on crashes some one is on the wrong side of the road, from there we need to know why, if they justed oopsed, the person on the wrong side is at fault. If there was another crash that forced the car into the wrong lane caused by a third car the third car would be at fault for the whole mess. And so on.

If your car is damaged in an accident that is not your fault can you get your whole car painted instead of just the area it was hit?

You can, but you must pay for the extra painting and service. You cannot ask the insurance nor the other party to paint the whole vehicle, only that section they would otherwise have been responsible.

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Who is responsible for towing service charges in an accident?

Well, usually, if you have reached the point of having called a tow truck, then the police have become involved, an accident report has or is being filed and no doubt fault-unless it is an extreme case in which it is uncertain or someone is desperatly trying to argue the case, then fault has been determined. Whomever is at fault will have to pay to have a car towed. The towing process would then lead to the auto garage where the damage would be accessed and repairs rendered, the final bill which would of course include the towing, would be then handed to the one at fault, along with the towing fees and repairs to their own vehicle. Insurance would no doubt cover some of this whole mess but of course rates would go up due to the accident.

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If the lifetime medical coverage on a preexisting back condition was terminated in an auto accident can you be compensated for the loss of coverage by filing a law suit against the at fault party?

Yes - this term is called "Indemnity" As an pre-ex case you may want to consult a lawyer on this matter on a whole being that there are other parties involved vs. single vehicle accident

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