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No, You are not automatically liable for an injury that occurs on your property simply because you own the property.

It does not matter if you owned an object or not on which they person was injured.

In order to be held liable you would have to have caused the injury either through direct action or in-action that led to the injury.

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Q: Is the homeowner liable for an injury to a guest if the guest is injured on the homeowners property but by an object that is not the homeowner's?
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Can the medical bills of someone injured on your property be covered by homeowners insurance?

They could be in some cases depending on how and why they were injured and what the relationship and residence status is to he named insured. Your homeowners medical coverage is specific to the named insured(s). Generally this is the home owner and resident family members. If someone else was injured on your property due to the insureds direct actions or through the insureds negligence for which you could be held liable then such an injury would be covered under the liability portion of your homeowners insurance policy. Bear in mind though that a homeowner is not automatically liable for an injury on the property simply because you own it. The injury would first have to be demonstrated as the fault of the insured, otherwise the homeowner is not liable.

If a son or daughter living with a homeowner is injured on the property is the injury covered by the homeowner's insurance?

No, your medical payments do not apply to resident relatives, only to guests.

Will your homeowner's insurance pay if you are sued?

If it relates to a personal injury claim where the individual was injured on the policy holder's property then usually homeowner's insurance will provide compensation up to the specific amount stated in the policy.

Does homeowners' insurance cover a personal injury claim from another property owned?

No. Your homeowners will only cover personal injury if it occurs on the property listed on the policy.

Does homeowners' liability insurance cover personal injury on another property?

No, your Homeowners Insurance will not. Your Medical Insurance Will.

Can you make an insurance claim and someone else make a homeowner insurance claim after an injury that required medical attention occurs at their home?

It can be filed under the homeowners insurance as long as the person injury was not injuries in their own home. Homeowners insurance does not cover medical injuries for someone who lives in the house where the injury occurs.

Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurance policy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may arise out of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medical insurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of injury, you might seek coverage under their liability if they carry the coverage.

Does homeowners' liability insurance cover a personal injury claim from another property?

Not if the injury occurred away from the home No. And also not if any crime was involved.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury if ex husband comes on property and shoots boyfriend?

No, That's what your boyfriends major medical insurance policy is for. Your homeowners insurance nor you are liable for injury due to criminal acts.

If am injured by homeowner can you sue him?

You have a legal question which would best be answered by a local lawyer where you live. I have no idea what you mean by "Injured." In this state the injury must meet certain criteria before you can sue.

I was hurt on someones property. Can I sue their homeowners insurance?

Technically, you do not sue the insurance company. You sue the homeowner on the basis of what the owner may have done to cause the injury. The insurance company is there simply to pay the damages awarded to you by the jury.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to the remaining owner from a homicide committed within the residence?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property Insurance" it does not provide coverage for personal injury to the insured. You should look to your medical insurance for coverage applicable to bodily injury and your life insurance policy for compensation for loss of life.