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The Great Society usually refers to Johnson's social programs which were more or less based on what Johnson believed Kennedy intended to do had he lived.

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Q: Is the great society associated with president John F. Kennedy?
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Which of the following is not associated with president John F. Kennedy the bay of pics invasion the great society the Cuban missile crisis the equal pay act of 1963?

The Great Society (LBJ) p.s. that question would have been easier to read if you used commas.

Was John F. Kennedy associated with the great society?

John F. Kennedy's model for social reform was called The New Frontier - unfortunately he was killed before any major legislation got approved through Congress. When Lyndon Johnson inherited the Presidency, he sought to continue the ideal President Kennedy wanted to achieve as influenced by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Lyndon Johnson called his program The Great Society.

President Johnson's vision for America was called the?

It was named the great society and included the war against poverty.

What president is most closely associated with the Great Society?

LBJ started it, but decided that the Vietnam War was taking the resources needed to make it work. However it continued for a while under Nixon until it was eventually stripped of all funding and terminated.

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Which president established the great society campaign?

Lyndon Johnson was the President who started the Great Society progams.

What President Lyndon B. Johnson Called His Programs?

The Great Society - Apex

What was President Lyndon Johnson social policy called?

The Great Society

What was what President Johnson called his plan for the country?

AnswerI'm not sure what Johnson did in 1960, but in 1964, having assumed the presidency after the Kennedy assassination in 1963, he launched a program called the Great Society. The following link will take you to a 1964 graduation speech he made in Michigan in which he talks about the Great Society.

President John F. Kennedy's New Frontier and President Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society programs shared an underlying belief that?

The federal government's roles was to create and implement programs that would meet th

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Even though president Kennedy was shot in 1963, it was Kennedy who gave the U.s.A this great challenge of landing a man on the moon ,and returning him safely back to earth.

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