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No, Charmed ended with season 8 and they don't plan on making new seasons.

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Q: Is the cw planning on new seasons of charmed?
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Are they making more charmed?

No, even though campaign for "The Next Generation" was strong, CW did not want to renew Charmed for another season.

Will there be a Charmed Spin Off?

It appears Holly Marie Combs has written a spin off, but CW rejected it. Although other companys are looking into it

Will there be a new season of the Game on the CW?


Is the show life unexpected canceled?

Yes, CW didn't sign it for a third season.

How many seasons of Reba are there?

I am positive that there were six seasons of Reba on the air. They still show re-runs on lifetime(channel 46) at 6 and 8, or the cw bay area(channel 12) at 4.

Has the CW confirmed cancellation of Smallville after season 9?

The show ended after ten seasons which is still technically after season nine.

Was the Gilmore Girls a hit?

Yes, Gilmore Girls had a good run, lasting 7 seasons on the WB and CW networks.

Is there going to be a charmed 9 and 10?

No. The television show was canceled after its 8th season. All the leads contracts were up and the transition from the WB to the CW caused several shows to bid their farewells.

What channel is the cw on in New Jersey?

Well I live in Calgary Alberta (SW) and CW used to be on channel 37. That's the only channel I watch. All my favorite shows are on there. (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Smallville, Supernatural) and now I don't know which channel its on. The new seasons are coming out and I want to be able to watch them. Also does anyone know what station the new show Vampire Diaries is going to be on. Please Help. :( :)

Is there going to be a new series of One Tree Hill if so when?

Well currently One Tree Hill, is at season 8. Please click on the link provided below, to watch seasons 1 to 8 of The CW's "One Tree Hill " online for free. One Tree Hill aires on TV on Tuesdays @ 8:00-9:00PM, The CW.

How many seasons are there of One Tree Hill?

They are currently in the proccess of making One Tree Hill Season 9 and it is said this is going to be the last season

When does the new episode of 90210 come on?

Tuesday's at 9:00 on the CW