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Of course, the plague is still a disease these days, but it is not as bad as it used to be. So it wouldn't 'worry' us as such. We have many treatments for plague these days. I suppose you could say it will be the same in a couple hundred years with cancer. So all in all, no it isn't a worry. Hope this helps.

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Q: Is the bublonic plague going to worrie us today?
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When was Today I Caught the Plague created?

Today I Caught the Plague was created in 2002.

Where does the plague exist today?

Plague exists in many parts of the world and in Texas USA.

How would it be like if today you had a plague?

Depends on the type of illness you pick up. One person cannot be a plague but s/he can get infected by a plague. A plague technically is when an illness spreads across a population and is difficult to contain. For example the bubonic or black plague still exists today in improverished countries but it is usually contained before it gets out of control. The person with the plague is treated with antibiotics and quarantined from everyone else until they recover.

How are people treated for the black plague?

Today, they are treated with antibiotics.

How bad is bullying in schools today?

It is literally an epidemic plague!

Where is the plague today?

we don't know but check on Google or

Which countries can you get the Black Death in today?

None, the plague has died out.

How severe is plague?

Today the Bubonic plague isnt so severe because it can be treated by antibiotics. But the other type of plague called the Pneunomic plague spreads faster and victims will die in 2 days, symptoms of the pneunomic plague include coughing blood. However i dont know how the Pneunomic Plague started.

How are people curently treated for the black plague?

There is no plague so no one is treated for it today. Sometimes a small animal will be found with it in a remote area and will be put down.ANSWERThe plague occasionally pops up in remote areas of the American Southwest and elsewhere in the world. It is treated today with antibiotics.

Why is the bubonic plague still around today?

Yes, but you can cure it with antibiotics.

Is there any disease today that is as dangerous as the bubonic plague?

yes cancer

Why don't we get the black plague today is it because of modern medicine?

You can get the Plague today, but it is rare. It is mostly a problem in the rural Southwest US where there are a lot of rodents to carry it. It is easily cured if caught early with antibiotics.