Is that Joel mchale in the state farm ad?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is that Joel mchale in the state farm ad?
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Who is the girl state farm ad says hot guy?

Angela Sarafyan

Who is the actress in the funnt state farm ad that says she sounds hideous?

Caryne Shea

Who's version of ooh child is used in the State farm ad?

Beth Orton

Is State Farm trying to mock Harold and Kumar with the ad of the buffalo It's getting old?


How did Jerry Newman drive his car up the pole from State Farm ad?

no one will ever know....

What advertisements has Selena gomez been in?

Selena Gomez has contributed in a Disney's State Farm ad and a Borden milk commercial.

What is latin for to farm?

ad villam

What are the benefits of having a farm?

The benefits of having a farm are plenty of animals ad vegetables to keep you and your family alive. There is also plenty of space when you have a farm.

What is the worst State Farm ad?

It depends on your opinion. I think it's the one with the robot destroying the town. Maybe in your opinion, that's the best one. So the true answer is none are.

Is Eddie matos from the HBO lifestories segment in 1994 still alive?

Puerto Rican actor Eddie (Eduardo) Matos is selling State Farm Auto Insurance in the TV Ad. Both English and Spanish versions. He is in his 30s now.

Where to post a classified for farm equipment for sale?

You can post a free classified ad for farm equipment on Additionally, you can place ads in your local newspaper.

Where can one get dismemberment insurance for accidental death?

Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance is often referred to as AD&D. Such insurance policies can be purchased online. State Farm Insurance offers this type of policy.