Is tecnology good or bad

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Is tecnology good or bad
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What arethe three types of technology according to their nature?

well, theres good tecnology, which is good by nature because its good. then theres bad tecnology, which is bad by nature because its bad. The third kind is alien tecnology, but i cant discuss it any more than that

What is the good slogan for science and tecnology?

Science and technology increase the Sociology......

The good and the bad of monopolies in the gilded age?

well monopoly is cool but i think srabble is betterThis isn't about the game.Some good effects were:More Jobs, Economic develpoment, lower prices etc.Some bad effects:Restriction of capitol, less tecnology, higher prices, etc.

What is is a tecnology?

technology not tecnology....spell...check....that's technology....

Can someone suggest good topics for elocution in 9th std?

role of tecnology in todays world

Why did Bill Gates become a designer?

because he had a love for tecnology and how it worked. He wanted to make a new for of tecnology.

How do you connect to the itunes store on an Ipod touch?

Ask some one who sets up ipods or is good with tecnology.

What experement that you can use?

To use for tecnology

What tecnology came out in 1998?


The signification of science and technology?


Whats related to science?


Do you control technology or does tecnology control us?