Is taller better

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Is taller better
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Is a taller slick better?

yes it is

Are shorter tire sidewalls better than taller tire sidewalls?

Taller tire sidewalls normally give a softer ride.

When you sleep does your back relax and make you taller?

well if you have a sore back it will get more better and you will get a little taller so think that's a YES!

Are taller turkeys taste better then short turkeys?

taller turkeys taste like poo left to marinate in muddle of sick combined with urine

Which is better if the guy is taller or the girl?

It is waay better if the guy is taller than the girl. Then you can wear high heels, go up on your tippy toes to kiss him and he can pick you up. SO CUTE!

How will people grow and change?

We will probably grow taller, live longer, look better.

What is the ideal height for female college rowers?

9 ft. 4 in. The taller the better.

Is it bad being taller and older than your boyfriend?

No, it is not strange if your boyfriend is taller than you. That's probably even better since it will look better in photographs if he is taller than you. Also usually men are taller and older than their girlfriend/partner/wife.

Why do taller people have better lung capacity than shorter people do?

cuz u suc

Does classical music help a plant grow taller?

I thought the same thing and i did the experiment and the music that actually helps a plant grow taller is Pop music the more pop music that you have the better for the plant.

Are blacks really better basketball players or are they just taller?

That's sort of a racist question. It's niether. A white person could be just as good, and some whites are taller than blacks.

Is taller girl prettier than shorter girl?

in my opinion as long as the girls is shorter than the guy the better