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Raw garlic wont hurt you,it will make you smell though. Take raw ginger with it and you wont smell.

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Q: Is swallowing garlic good for the body?
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What foods cause your body to flatulence?

Pinto, kidney, navy, the entire bean family including refried beans, garlic, cauliflower, beer, swallowing air while sleeping as in mouth open

Is garlic bread good for athletes?

Garlic is good for join health and the blood stream. It's a quite a dietary supplement for athletes. A good rule of thumb tends to be: "If it stinks or doesn't taste well, it's good for your body".

How does it get in your body hallucinogens?

It can be entered into the body by: swallowing and snorting.

Is garlic bread good for cats?

Garlic bread is not good for cats. Garlic is toxic to cats and dogs, and should never be fed anything with garlic in.

What is dehygrogenated Garlic Is it good or bad for you Does it havr trans-fat even 0.0000000001?

Dehydrated garlic is good for you as long as it is garlic powder and not garlic salt. Added sodium in your diet is never a good thing. Dehydrated garlic does not have trans fat.

When was Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers created?

Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers was created in 1980.

How much did Egyptian Embalmers earn?

$1000000 for a body its was reall good money as they were highly respected

Does garlic affect your skin?

Garlic affects your body odor. When you sweat it will smell pretty bad.

What can garlic cure?

Garlic is known to enhance the body's immune cell activity. It also helps maintain blood circulation. Garlic can be used to reduce risks of cancer and slow tumor growth. It can strengthen your body against allergies. Garlic thins your blood.

Is raw garlic good for a chest infection?

Raw garlic is reputedly good for chest conditions.However,the big garlic(king garlic) should be used as the smaller variety can easily burn soft tissue when it is ingested.

What is garlic good for?

it is good for puting in food!

Is garlic good to put on plants?

good for what?