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Q: Is standing easier on the back than sitting?
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Why does your body get more rest when your lying than when your sitting?

The reason your body gets more rest when lying down is because it is easier for your heart to pump blood through out your body to your brain and back to your heart than when sitting

Do you burn more calories standing up than sitting down?

Yes, standing up burns more calories than when you sit.

What is considered sedentary work duty if you have a back injury?

Usually no sitting or standing for more than one hour... and weight lifting limited to no more than 10-15 pounds... This is assuming a lower back injury...

Why do you need more energy when standing up than when sitting down?

Simple. when standing up we need energy to oppose gravity while sitting down, most part of our body is in contact with some surface, so we require less energy. The muscle activity required to maintain balance is more demanding when standing than when sitting.

Have you ever offered someone a seat on the bus?

No, sitting is better than standing. yours, Wiseguy

Is a front tuck harder than a back tuck?

There is not a big difference.In a front flip, you do not have to tuck in your feet/calfs, however with the front tuck, your hands have to be wrapped around your feet and bottom part of your legs. So, a front tuck would be a bit easier for some people, and a front flip would be easier for other people.

How does posture affect heart rate?

Lying down is slower than sitting, because of pressure differences in the carotid sinus. Sitting is slower than standing, because of pressure differences in the legs and thighs.

What animal is taller sitting down than standing up?

an elephant it is longer length-wise than height-wise

Does your height change as you sleep?

That is true. You are taller in the morning than you are at night due to gravity compressing your spine when you are standing or sitting.

Will standing for a long time aggravates the disc which is already bulged or will lead to any other problem?

Standing generally does not place more strain on the spine than sitting does; lying down is the best position to relieve strain on the spine. Standing can be tiring for other reasons, it certainly places more strain on the legs than sitting does. If you are getting tired, I would recommend that you lie down for a while.

I am planning on remodeling my kitchen. Are free standing ovens better than built in cooktops?

I tend to like free standing ovens better because they are easier to clean and if in the future you would like to replace the oven it is much easier to switch out.

standing desk?

A standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk or height-adjustable desk, is a type of desk that allows you to work while standing rather than sitting. These desks are designed to promote a more active and ergonomic work environment.