Is spice k2 bad for you?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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But most would consider that an opinion at this time. No long-term research is available on the specific formula. However, medically speaking, the effects for which spice k2 is used, i.e., hallucinations, are "bad." Any THC derivative has the potential for producing anxiety attacks, some of which may be lingering or long-term, and some research points to THC use as leading to schizophrenia in the long term.

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Q: Is spice k2 bad for you?
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Can children buy k2 spice?

It is illegal for children to purchase or consume K2 spice in the United States. K2 spice is a synthetic form of cannabis that is common in the United States.

Is k2 different then pep spice?


Is K2 the same thing as spice?

K2 and spice are very similar. They have near the same effects and are both legalized. The difference is that they are from different plants and k2 doesn't show up on drug tests.

How do you flush spice or k2 out of the body?

Lots and lots of water.

Can k2 or spice show up in drug test?

Obviously there is a lot of confusion here. The question is about K2, the synthetic weed, not a Diluadid 2 (which has the MARKING K2 on it). No, as far as I know there is no drug test for any synthetic cannabinoids, but I do hear they are developing one.

Can hair follicle test detect k2 spice?

No. There are no illegal remants of spice. And when there was they take it out. Spice shows up on no test. You can always ask what they test for spice isnt one cause spice isnt illegal.

Is k2 spice legal in Indiana?

No. In October 2015, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld Indiana's Synthetic Drug Law. K2 is a synthetic drug.

Is there such a thing as syntheic marijuana?

yes. k2, spice and anything of that nature is considered synthetic marijuana.

Will spice or K2 show up on a DOT pre employment drug test?

They are testing for it now

Can synthetic cannabinoid products such as spice or k2 cause false positives for marijuana in drug tests?


Is rasta spice just a kind of the k2 herb?

no Rasta Spice is just a herbal blend. it has no chem spray its just a blend with a brand name on it. its insense

Can k2 spice cause a positive drug test for any drug?

Yes spice does contain THC in it, and if consumed will make you turn in a positive test for THC.