Is smooch good for health

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Is smooch good for health
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Is smooch good for your health?

Actually, the answer is yes. Kissing is very good for the health of your immune system as well as your overall emotional health. When you kiss someone and exchange saliva you give each other your bacteria, and as your immune system develops antibodies from them it gets stronger.

What should you eat before a smooch to smell good?


How do you say smooch in German?

smooch - schmusen knutschen

How do you delete naughty smooch?

how do i delete my naughty smooch account

Can smooch makes a girl pregnant?

A "smooch" is a kiss and no a kiss can not get you pregnant.

Is smooch and french kiss the same?

no, smooch and french kiss are not the same. a smooch is when you give a little kiss. a french kiss is when it is toung to toung.

If girl smooch a boy then she pregnant?

what it deepens what smooch means if it mean humped yes but if it means kissing no

What are the ratings and certificates for Smooch - 2011 TV?

Smooch - 2011 TV is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

Is there a website for Smooch clothing store?

There Doesn't Seem To Be A Website For Smooch As I've Been Looking For It Too.

What is a Smooch knob?

Well here we have two words so lets start with smooch. This word means to kiss and knod refering to doors so a smooch knob is some one who kisses like a total idiot.

Difference between a kiss and a smouch?

The difference in my opinion is a kiss is mouth closed for a second or two. A smooch starts with mouth closed but as the smooch finishes the mouth opens. A smooch is several seconds longer than just a kiss and has more passion in it. A kiss says i like you and a smooch says i love you. That is just my opinion.

How do you smooch a guy?

with lips. and tongue.