Is smoking really that bad

Updated: 9/18/2023
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yes smoking is the worst thing for your lungs and can cause lung cancer and a wide range of lung related diseases that are deadly to you and those around you

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Q: Is smoking really that bad
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What do steroids and smoking have in common?

They are both really bad for you

Why no smoking?

smoking's not good for you, because, you can get lung cancer, and you might die. And it's really bad for your health.

What are the bad things from smoking weed?

Really the bad thing about smoking weed is that it makes your teeth yellow. Also it makes you have really bad breath I wouldn't smoke weed at all some say it's healthily.

Does smoking really bad for your lungs?

Hard to think of anything worse.

What are some negative affects of smoking?

smoking is really bad and dangerous , it can cause cancer and your lungs will be black and infected

How do you say smoking is bad for your health in french?

I am really sorry but I don't know

Is it a good idea for kids to smoke?

NO NO NO never smoke a day in your life .smoking can cause lung cancer is you are smoking DONT smoking is really bad trust me

Is smoking a cigarette while broken ribs bad?

I wouldn't recommend it. Of course, I wouldn't recommend smoking ANYTHING when you have broken ribs - or at any OTHER time, for that matter. Smoking is a nasty habit. If you're a smoker, STOP. It doesn't really matter WHAT you are smoking, it's bad for you.

Is smoking bad for you?

smoking is bad for you and you shouldn't do it

Is it possible to develope health problems if your in a bad relationship?

Yes, it is. You may begin drinking or smoking, or doing drugs if you get really bad.

Is smoking out of can bad?

smoking is bad all together! It damages your lungs and is bad for your heart. Sometimes people who have bad smoking habits dont live as long

Why is smoking a drag bad?

Smoking a drag is bad because you could get addicted to it.