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Inhaling fine particulate matter, in smoke, is generally unhealthy for the respiratory system. Some smoked objects are worse than others.

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Q: Is smoking good for your health?
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Is smoking good for you or not?

Smoking is not good for health.

Is Eating eggs and smoking is good for health?

Eating eggs is quite good for your health, however, it is best not to live on them. Smoking IS bad for you health and it is best to quit. Eating eggs will not make smoking any less bad for you. Try to quit smoking. :)

Is tobacco smoking good for health?

Not at all.

Is smoking good for your life?

Smoking has been linked to numerous health issues, so no, it's not good for your life.

Why no smoking?

smoking's not good for you, because, you can get lung cancer, and you might die. And it's really bad for your health.

What is a good long term health outcome for smoking?

You looked cool. =p

Is rarely bidi smoking good for health?

"Bidi cigarettes are hazardous to human health and should not be thought of as a safe-smoking alternative." -

Is it good to smoke?

Absolutely not! Smoking can lead to severe health issues in the long run.

Why smoking not banned for good?

Because, if you choose to destroy your own health you should have that right.

How does smoking related to medical health?

You can get many different diseases from smoking. For example, lung cancer.

Does smoking cigrettes damage your bones?

No, that's one of the few things it doesn't hurt!

Is there anything good about smoking?

nothing because is can mess up your health or everything else by:aisha