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Yes, smoking restricts the blood vessels, oxygen has trouble getting to your legs and the condition worsens you could have yellow teeth and you can also have very bad breath and just all kind of stuff

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Q: Is smoking bad for varicose veins?
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Is running bad for varicose veins?

Yes it is  

Which term is when veins swoolen veins in her legs?

Varicose veins.

What are dilated veins called?

Varicose veins are called dialated veins

What kind of veins become varicose?

The superficial veins are the blood vessels most often affected by varicose veins and are the veins seen by eye when the varicose condition has developed.

What causes imcompetent valves in leg veins?

Venous insufficiency is a condition in which blood pools in the vein because the valves have become incompetent.

What does the medical abbreviation DVD mean?

Deep Vein Dilatation. Bad varicose veins.

Are varicose veins treatable?

Varicose veins can develop in the deep veins also. Varicose veins in the superficial veins are called primary varicosities, while varicose veins in the deep veins are called secondary varicosities.

What are varicose veins in brain?

Can you get a varicose vein on your brain

Can surgical stripping prevent the development of new varicose veins?

Surgical stripping of varicose veins is successful for most patients. Most do not develop new, large varicose veins following surgery. Surgery does not decrease a person's tendency to develop varicose veins.

Do varicose veins turn black?

my varicose veins have turned black and i am getting worried? Whats happening?

What is the Enlarged Twisted and Dilated veins?

varicose veins

What type of physician can I see for varicose veins?

You will need a dermatologist for varicose veins. Your regular Doctor can refer you to a specialist.