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Not unhealthy... but certainly not 'normal'. If you regularly sleep for that length of time, there may be an undetected underlying cause that may need investigating.

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Q: Is sleeping12 hours a day unhealthy?
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How is not eating for 3 hours unhealthy?

There is nothing unhealthy about not eating for 3 hours.

Is sleeping for 17 hours a day unhealthy?

In itself, possibly not but it suggests that there could be an underlying issue - that requires so much sleep.

Is eating 2 eggs a day unhealthy?


How long can you live for on super noodles and relentless?

You can live on Super noodles and water for about 20 years as long as you work out every day for 3 hours so that you do NOT get unhealthy

Why is cell phone addiction unhealthy?

It's not exactly unhealthy, no matter what Mom tells ya. However, staring into the screen will eventually effect your eyes, if you're on it for hours and hours. Otherwise, there is no problem.

Is exercising your core muscles for 2 hours a day 7 days a week unhealthy?

Yes, exercising the core muscles for 2 hours each day of the week is extremely unhealthy. The core muscles, just like every muscle group, must have adequate time to heal and repair. Exercising muscle groups more than twice a week is over-training and may cause serious problems.

Why don't sumo wrestlers get a heart disease?

They exercise a lot about 8 hours a day. They might look fat and unhealthy but they are actually more healthy than most of us.

Is drinking 6 beers a day unhealthy?

i think

How many times a day do most people urinate and is less than three times in 24 hours as unhealthy as it seems to this ask-er?

Most people urinate between four to seven times a day. It is not unhealthy if you urinate less than three times a day as long as you have a good amount of urine that comes out. If the volume is low then you should contact your doctor just to make sure.

Is it unhealthy to do heavy amounts of exercise every day?

No, but increase d time gradually day by day...

Is 10 hours of sport a week too much?

10 hours a week is not an unhealthy target, as long as you build up to it gradually. So if you don't exercise particularly frequently, and then you suddenly start doing 2 hours a day, you'll fatigue quickly, and may get injured or ill.

Is school in Canada actually bad for your health?

This is my own question I am answering. I don't know if school is bad for your health in America. I asume it is the same as here. In Canada, school is not bad for your health. It is unhealthy to sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. With school, reccess and P.E. (Gym) and walking to classes (Grade 7+) balances out. If you didn't do all that stuff, you would sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. That is unhealthy. Thanks. Bye.