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Q: Is sexuality a natural and healthy part of living?
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What is Atheistic Existentialism view point on Sexuality?

This does not really have to do with extentialism, But we atheists view sexuality as a healthy part of an adult's life.

What is an natural material that was once part of a living organism?

organic matter

Can lesbian avoid being lesbian?

A lesbian can deny her sexuality, but there is no real "avoiding" it. Sexuality is an intimate part of who we are, and there is no switching sexualities. It is perfectly natural to not want to be a lesbian anymore, especially given the homophobic attitude that is so prevalent today, but one should celebrate who they are.

What part of speech is the word sexuality?

It is a noun.

Human sexuality is part of your personality?


Why is preventing violence an important part of staying healthy?

It isn't. Violence is a natural part of human nature, used by individuals and governments to enforce their will.

Who invented saddness?

Why would someone invent saddness? Saddness is a natural part of living.

What are the treatments for homosexuality?

None. You can't treat something that is not a disease or disorder. It is a natural, healthy part of human nature.

Why do you get old and can it be slowed down?

its just a natural part of aging. Staying fit and healthy can help a bit, and creams can help the physical appearance but its just a natural process.

Is it normal for a newborn boy not to have an erection?

Yes, the natural penis is flaccid. The penis will have erections or part erections from time to time as part of a natural healthy body. He may be having them when you do not notice or he may not, it's nothing to worry about.

Why boy become a gay how can you change your gay life to normal life?

Sexual orientation is not a choice and cannot be changed. Being gay is a normal and natural part of human diversity. Embracing and accepting one's sexual orientation is essential for living a healthy and fulfilled life. If you are struggling with accepting your sexuality, seeking support from LGBTQ+ affirming counselors or community resources can be helpful.

Can a boy pleasure him self at 14?

Yes, it is normal for boys to start exploring their own bodies and experiencing sexual pleasure during puberty, which typically begins around the ages of 9-14. Masturbation is a natural and healthy part of human sexuality. However, it is important for individuals to practice privacy and personal boundaries.