Is sex harmful

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No. Sex is completely harmless. But is my hurt the fist time you have sex. So i recommend, inserting 1 or 2 fingers into your vagina to get used to the feeling. It will make your first time less painful!

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Q: Is sex harmful
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Is sex is harmful for children if they do it?

No,but they will get pregnant if the child is having sex with a man

Is sex every day harmful?

Not Harmfull but do sex when you need do not do sex when your partner is tired be relax

How harmful is sex during the 7th week into pregnancy?

Not if all is normal

Is sex harmful for fourteen year boy?

Physically, possibly not, though it depends who he has sex with. If precautions are not taken then the probability rises.

What are two meanings of accost?

1. to approach with harmful intent 2. To solicit for sex.

If a man carries a harmful sex-linked gene in his X chromosome who will he pass this on to?

Only to his daughters.

Is it harmful to swalow the sperm of man by women after sex?

No. Semen actually has about 50 grams of protein in it!

What happen to a man who sex almost every day?

Nothing happens, other than the man has sex. "Almost every day" is not excessive or harmful in any way.

How is sex on tv harmful to children?

It tells them more about "it" then they need to know at their current age. Eg. "Teaches Them"

Is it harmful for a girl to swallow semen?

Not really, but if it has a STD or HIV she can contact the disease through oral sex.

Can having too much sex do harm to your body if you're a girl?

If you are a girl, too much sex is not harmful. All girls do not have the same sex drive. Some prefer more and others prefer less.

Harmful effects of hand practice?

Hand Practice is not harmful as u think. It will control your blood pressure. So you must do atleast 1 time in a week. If your wife or girl friend does not want to vaginal sex then you can say her to hand practise. She will enjoy it. If she doesnot intersted in sex, then say her to hand practise with your penis, then she will be excited to sex and your sexual hunger will fulfil.