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Q: Is sential prime a good gye or a bad gye?
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What is the population of Gye?

Gye's population is 187.

When did Gye of Baekje die?

Gye of Baekje died in 346.

When was Frederick Gye born?

Frederick Gye was born in 1810.

When did Frederick Gye die?

Frederick Gye died in 1878.

What is the area of Gye?

The area of Gye is 6,510,000.0 square meters.

When did Charles Wong Gye die?

Charles Wong Gye died in 1911.

When was Hong Gye-hui born?

Hong Gye-hui was born in 1703.

When was Harold Frederick Neville Gye born?

Harold Frederick Neville Gye was born in 1888.

What has the author William Ewart Gye written?

William Ewart Gye has written: 'The cause of cancer'

When did Harold Frederick Neville Gye die?

Harold Frederick Neville Gye died in 1967.

When was Shin Se-Gye born?

Shin Se-Gye was born on 1990-09-16.

How tall is Gye Di Capua?

Gye Di Capua is 5' 7 1/2".