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Q: Is salt bad for your hair or scalp?
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Does rubbing salt on your scalp help reduce hair fall?

Rubbing salt on your scalp may increase circulation which can cause your hair to grow. However, it will not reduce your hair falling out.

Can damage to the scalp result in hair loss?

Yes. The scalp is the base of your hair. You have a dry scalp your hair won't be very healthy. Let's say this, if you have a plant and the dirt is dry. The plant won't be able to get what it needs... water. If the plant is over watered the plant will still be sick. That's like some of us who have oily hair. The dirt is to the plant like our scalps are to our hair. Bad scalp equals bad hair.

Is sun in bad for your hair?

yes the sun is bad for your hair because it bleaches it out. The sun can dry out the hair, fade hair color, and burn the scalp..... possibly leading to skin cancer of the scalp. It's best to use professional hair products that contain sunscreen.

Is sulphur good for hair?

Though sulfur can smell bad it can help with scalp conditions like dandriff. Sulfur helps maintain a clear scalp which eventually promotes hair healthy hair growth. Sulfur8- hair products help with scalp care

Can you use table salt in your hair?

Yes, only if you put ice cubes on your scalp right after it.

What causes dry hair and scalp?

some causes include the weather, sun can dry out hair, your surroundings, the salt water in the sea

Is washing your hair every day bad for your hair?

No, because if you don't wash your hair daily then it would be filled with grease that comes out of your scalp similar to sweat.This question is talking about the actual hair not the scalp that gets damaged or counted as washing!

If i put salt directly on my hair Does it damage it?

Direct contact of salt on human hair dehydrates the scalp and follicles leaving it dry. Hair can also become brittle, tangled and rough as it soaks up water that keeps the hair moisturized.

Is it bad to bleach a little patch of your hair?

well yes, because you do not use bleach for your hair and it could do damage to your scalp.

What is the symptopms of scalp contraindications and what are their effects of colouring hair?

what is hair and scalp contra - indication

Is vaseline bad for your hair?

i use vas in my hair often gives it a sleek look before i hit the clubs

What is Trichology the study of?

The study of the hair and scalp is called trichology.