Is salt bad for the heart?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Kinda-sorta. We do need a little bit of salt in our bodies, but current foods supply all that easily. More salt than that and it can increase the blood pressure. And high blood pressure can contribute to heart problems.

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Q: Is salt bad for the heart?
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Why do they say salt is bad for a person who has had a heart attack?

Salt is bad for you colostrol. Messes with your heart

Can salt be bad for kids?

Salt is affecting kid because if bad for your heart kidneys and wastlines.

Why is salt unhealthy?

Because it is bad for your heart

What food is bad for your heart?

mostly sugar and salt

How are fats and salts bad for you?

fat is bad for you because it can clog your system and give you a heart attack. The same with salt and salt is made out of sodium and chlorine

What do salt sugar and fat have in common?

they're both bad for you. I think thy're both bad for your heart too

Is too much salt bad for you?

yes it can cause high bloodpressure and heart problems

What does pepper do to the body?

Pepper is just like salt except it is artificially dyed. It is just as bad fr you as salt is and can make heart disease happen or progress. DONT EAT IT!

Why is it bad to eat oily salty vegetables?

Oil - Fat,Cholestrol which could cause atherosclerosis Salt- Increases blood pressure which is bad for the heart = death sooner

When does salt go bad?

Salt never goes bad.

What happens when you eat a lot of salt or spicy foods?

if you eat a lot of spicy foods, your mouth may burn and your stomach may be upset. Too much salt can be bad for your heart.

Why is passing salt bad luck?

Passing salt was not bad luck. Spilling salt was bad luck because in Roman days, salt was very expensive.