Is redex good

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is redex good
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When you put redex in your saxo its spluttering help?

i put redex in my van and the after about 1 hour it started to chug then its stoped is this normal

Can too much redex fuel system cleaner for diesel be used?

Yes, you can definitely use too much. Follow the directions on the can.

Whats type of fuel system cleaner is available on the market?

personal opinion redex is far better than the wynns alernative (12 yrs in the auto fuel system trade)

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What does the orange light on the far right mean on a citroen Picasso?

have a scan on it most probably come up with p0400 code get some redex to clear out fuel system if not work its something to do with the fuel system It could be a simple missfire. Mine did it a few years back because of damp weather. Citroen charged me £35 to diagnose the problem but couldnt tell me what it was. It is back on now and causes me no problems. It is just an engine management fault. If your worried get it checked out but be prepared to pay for it.

Why would a Skoda octavia 1.9 turbo diesel 2003 loses power?

I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM with MY 2001 OCTAVIA AND WAS TOLD BY MY LOCAL DEALER THAT THE turbo needed stripping and cleaning, if i switched the ignition off and back on the power came back at once, thought it must be electrical, but it wasn't a friend knew a chap who was a skoda technical guy and he said put redex in the fuel tank, so i did after just using about half the tank of fuel the problem was gone, the car is back to like it was three years ago.

Vw polo 97-hand brake light started to flicker for a couple of days and then stayed on full time. car started to stall sometimes at lights-went to the garage and had a full service-problem still there?

The reason the car cuts out is becasue of a build up of sludge in the breather pipe on the bottom of the air box, to solve this problem, remove the top of the air filter (located on the top of the engine) will be about 8 screws, lift up the box to show the carb, one of the pipes connecting to the air box will have a yellow sludge in it, remove as much as possile, look up the pipe on the bottom of the air filter, this too will have some sludge, once these have both been cleaned the problem will be solved!!!!The sludge is formed becasue of the amount of shortish journeys being made in the car meaning the engine is not clearing enough waste out properlyAlso it is a good idea to run a treatment of REDEX through the system to give it a good clear out.

How do you use fuel injector cleaner?

Usually tip in a quarter of the bottle in to a full tank for carburettor and injection vehicles. Sometimes for best effects you can pour the cleaner in the fuel tank at the gas pump, then top up with petrol. If you have a carburettor engine instead of injection you can pour a quarter over carburettor slowly while the engine is running with someone giving a slow rev by lightly pressing the accelerator. Rev the engine hard for a minute then keep the revs up for at least 10 mins. You can always do a quarter of a bottle of redex (fuel cleaner) to quarter or half a tank, but it isn't very advisable if you're unsure.

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