Is recycling a good idea

Updated: 9/16/2023
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yes because it helps save the environment by using less energy to make new things. Also, say if you recycle paper you are saving trees. Because paper is made out of trees.

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Q: Is recycling a good idea
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Why is recycling food waste a good idea?

because it is

What two things cause recycling to peak?

Refundable deposits on drink bottles and containers.Garbage collections charged by weight.

The social and legal requirements for recycling and disposal of waste and the procedures?

Recycling is good for the environment and people expect you to do it. It is not a good idea to just throw your trash on the ground or you may face legal fines.

What is a good sentence for recycling?

Recycling is very good for the environment.

What is a conclusion for recycling?

Recycling is good for our world.........

How should one recycle plastic CD cases?

You can reuse or recycle the CD cases. There is a recycling place for recycling plastics. It is a good idea to recycle or reuse, because this will keep the earth clean and keep the cost down for you.

Do most people think recycling is a good idea?

The answer varies depending on the type of item being recycled, and of course it changes year by year, and again geographically thing vary greatly. For example recycling of copper is generally considered sesible world-wide, recycling of used shoes is not. To determine whether recycling or not is the better good idea takes analysis of the 2 options to see which is more cost effective, which, if either, produces a pollution problem, which consumes less resources etc. Which is better can by no means be assumed, and will vary from one product to another.

What is a good catch phrase for recycling plastic?

A good catch phrase for recycling paper is RECYCLE OR DIE L

Where can I find good electronics for recycling online?

You can find good electronics for recycling by searching the free ads on

How does recycling help your environment?

cause recycling is a good way to reduse the polution in the earth

What does recycling and greenhous effect have in common?

Recycling is a good habit. It decreases greenhouse effect.

Are office recycling programs more effective with labeled trash cans or special recycling bins, and where can such bins be ordered?

It is usually a better idea to have a designated recycling can as opposed to a labeled recycling can. This way it can never be overlooked. It's very economical to recycle.