Is raw egg good for the body?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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no, they can carry diseases and it is really hard for your body to digest it raw.

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Q: Is raw egg good for the body?
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Why is it not a good idea to consume raw egg?

you will get the trots

What is the benefit of drinking raw egg with milk?

Increase ur body and weight...

Does eating raw egg grow testosterone level in male body?


Is beer and raw egg good for the flu?

no it is not good for the flu. it would make it worse.

Is raw eggs good for you?

Raw egg white is not good for you. You run the risk of salmonella from eating raw eggs. This can make you very sick. You should only eat cooked eggs.

Why do you suck eggs?

Because an egg is full of protein. Most people prefer to cook their eggs, but some people like them raw -- and if you are starving, a raw egg is good nutrition!

What does salt do to a raw egg?

Salt makes a raw egg salty.

Does the egg have to be boiled or raw for and egg flotation?

No it does not have to be raw or boiled fo rthe egg to float!

What makes a raw egg more dense?

A raw egg is not more dense than a boiled egg.

The difference between a physical and a chemical change?

A physical change the chemical compounds remain the same in the change, in a chemical change the chemical compound changes. A good example is if you move a raw egg around in a pan, some of the egg may separate but it's still a raw egg. If you turn on the heat and cook the egg you are chemically changing the egg and it so no longer a raw egg.

A hard boiled egg spins better than a raw egg why?

The raw egg has fluid inside and it wobbles when you spin it but a boiled egg is solid and it doesn't wobble so much as the raw egg

What can be use to get rid of raw egg scent out of egg punch?

don't use raw eggs