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The pulse rate is a count of the hearts beats per minute, so the pulse rate itself isn't part of the circulatory system, but instead is a method used to quantify (measure) the strength and consistency of the circulatory system.

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Q: Is pulse rate part of the circulatory system?
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Would the pulse in the pulmonary artery beat at the same rate than in your wrist?

The pulse rate is the same throughout the circulatory system.

Which part of the autonomic system decreases pulse rate?

The parasympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system, decreases pulse rate. It is sometimes referred to as the rest and digest system.

Why blood flow is slower then pulse rate?

Because the heart beat's function is to pump blood around the circulatory system. Oxygen and Carbon dioxide gasses are exchanged in the lungs. The heart has to pump faster than the lungs inflating to get the newly-enriched blood around the body quickly.

What part on the nervous system is responsible for increased heart rate and respiration's?

where is a central pulse obtained

What organs play a part in pulse rate?

Your heart is the organ involved in the pulse rate.

What body system is pulse with?

The pulse rate is actually the number of times your heart pumps blood out to the body. SSOOOOOO pulse rate be's in the Cardiovascular System.

What cardiovascular system rate is the same rate as the heart?

Pulse rate

Definition of pulse -rated system?

this is a training system which raises an individual's pulse rate from 60% to 80% of his Maximal Heart Rate (MHR).

The heart rate is the same as what other cardiovascular system rate?

Pulse rate

Why does your pulse go up when you hold your breath?

Your pulse rate and blood pressure both go up as your circulatory system is trying to get enough oxygen to your tissues, with less oxygen in the blood from holding your breath, it has to move faster to try and attain equilibrium, or homeostasis.

Which body system controls the rate at which the circulatory and respiratory work?

The nervous system controls the rate of the heartbeat and respiration.

Can you have arithmia when your pulse rate is high?

Why do you have your pulse rate taken? Why do you have your pulse rate taken?