Is prostitution bad or good

Updated: 9/16/2023
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very very very bad!!!!!!!

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Q: Is prostitution bad or good
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What are the bad effects of FIFA World Cup?

There was a increase in crime and prostitution.

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Why is prostitution bad?

yes cuz the hooker is injeceted with drugs and she aids and hiv

What is a good summer job that requires a good deal of physical labor?


What are some good production ideas for me and my brother who is 6?

Prostitution is working pretty good....

What jobs are there in edmond ok in edmond ok for a 14 year old?

...prostitution ...prostitution ...prostitution ...prostitution ...prostitution

Did qin shi Huang do anything good when he ruled?

He created prostitution

What public services and good in your community are funded with tax dollars?

Prostitution services

How can you afford to go to Cosmetology School and your student loan is in default and you have bad credit due to a job lost?


What common belief was used by progressives to fight prostitution?

women were naturally good and gentle

Why does prostitution starts from the Bible?

No religion started prostitution. Prostitution predates the bible by thousands of years.

Is prostitution legal in Turkey?

Prostitution in Turkey is legal.