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Q: Is prostatomegaly grade 3 harmful
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Is prostatomegaly grade 3 harmful and need surgery?

Grade 3 prostatomegaly is the enlargement of prostate usually seen in elderly male above 50 years .It is not at all harmful, but TURP (Trans urethral resection of prostate) is recommended.

Is prostatomegaly grade 3 converts in cancer?

Is Prostatomegaly grade 3 converts to cancer

What is Grade 3 prostatomegaly?

enlargement of prostate which create pressure on blader and kidney

What is grade 1 prostatomegaly with concretions?

Grade 111 prostatomegaly with concretions is an enlargement of the prostate gland that is usually seen in males over the age of 50. Most of the time surgery is recommended.

Is there any difference between prostatomegaly and BPH?

difference between bph and prostatomegaly

What is mild prostatomegaly?

Prostatomegaly refers to the enlargement of the prostate gland for any reason. A mild prostatomegaly means that the prostate gland is not enlarged very much. An examination of the prostate should be completed to ensure the enlargement is not a sign of something more severe.

What is gross prostatomegaly is noted with significant postvoid residual?

Prostatomegaly means that the prostate is enlarged. Post-void residual means that the bladder does not completely empty after you pee.

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