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yes!real name zonnique.but nick name star

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Q: Is one of the omg girls name star?
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Is roc with one of the omg girls?

No he is not but he used to go out with star

Who do ray ray go with one of the omg girls?

He has a crush on star from the omg girlz, but does not go out with them

Is one of the omg girlz gay?

no,not one of tha omg girls gay

Do roc royal from mindless behavior go out with one of the omg girls?

i think he went out with zonnique pullins(aka star)

Who does star from omg girls date?

She doesn't date any one her dad T.I would have a fit but she likes lil'twist

How can you be one of the omg girls?

in love

What were the name of the 2 girls that beat Justin Bieber in Stratford Star?

One girls name is Kirsten, she's the one who won Stratford Star. i don't know the other girls name

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How many girls r in the omg group?

2 r in the group cause they kicked Lolo and Ariel out of the group cause they were to young and left the older ones in the group witch r star- the best,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Beaty the one I think is funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the omg girls

Is roc royal going out with one of the omg girls?


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Does one of the omg girls go out with mindless behaviour?

nooo .