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Q: Is not considered an aspect of environmental health Control of drinking water Control of hazardous chemicals Control of sexually transmitted diseases Control of public sanitation?
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How do chemicals contribute to both environmental problems and environmental solutions?


What has the author Jared R Creason written?

Jared R. Creason has written: 'Agricultural competitiveness and environmental quality' 'Use of lawn chemicals in the Twin Cities' -- subject(s): Agricultural chemicals, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Agricultural chemicals, Lawns, Weed control

Can chemicals cause mutations?

Yes. Chemicals, radiation, and other environmental factors are known mutagens.

What do you do when a baby poops in your saltwater pool?

Scoop out the poo and the check the pool chemicals to be sure they are where they should be for sanitation.

What is an example of an environmental problem caused by chemicals?

Televisions that contain dangerous chemicals being thrown in landfills.Apex

Can you get cancer kissing a smoker?

No, the chemicals that cause cancer are not transmitted through kissing

What are the chemicals involved in malaria?

Malaria is caused by the parasite plasmodium, which is transmitted by mosquitos.

Cytokines are chemicals transmitted within and between cells to control and regulate cell?


How are chemicals linked to birth defects?

CHEMICALS. Environmental chemicals such as fungicides, food additives, and pollutants are suspected of causing birth defects, though this is difficult to prove.

What are the environmental impact of freon?

Freon is harmful to the environment because of the chemicals that it is made from. These chemicals are bad for the environment and ozone layer.

How chemistry related to chemicals?

Chemistry can be considered to be the study of chemicals.

How does environmental therapy diagnose environmental illness?

Environmental therapists use extensive testing to determine the environmental factors that may be causing illness. These factors include infection, allergy, addictions, and toxic chemicals.