Is naruto stronger than sai

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Sai is no match for naruto because naruto has resagan and he has the nine-tailed fox in him. naruto can make multi clones and that takes a lot of work. naruto can turn himself into Sai by using his clone justu. So Naruto is way stronger then SAI . Sai thinks hes better than naruto but he is weak

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Well if Naruto could defeat the 6 paths of pain then you should really think he is the strongest in the leaf village.

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Q: Is naruto stronger than sai
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Is Jaraya stronger than Naruto?

Before Naruto could master Sage Mode, JIraiya was stronger than Naruto. Now that Naruto mastered Sage Mode and controlled Kurama, he is now stronger than Jiraiya.

Is naruto stronger than orchimaru?

Yes. Because orochimaru was weaker than sasake and naruto is stronger than sasuke.

Is Uchiha Sasuke Stronger the Uzamaki Naruto?

Naruto is indeed stronger than sasuke

Who is stronger Naruto or Gaara?

Naruto is stronger than gaara in naruto shipudden.

Who is Sai why did he try to kill naruto?

sai is a foundation member who works for danzo currently sai is in team kakashi, and sai did not try to kill naruto he was testing his strength according to sai

Is saske storger than Naruto?

no, sasuke is not stronger than naruto. because of the nine-tailed fox, naruto has more chakra, and is therefore stronger. sasuke can be stronger than naruto, but he is too bent on revenge, naruto can kick sasuke's bottom any day of the week

Does Naruto become stronger than sauske?

Seemingly no.Sai has attempted to capture Sasuke at one point and failed, also. Sasuke beat Sai, Naruto, Sakura and Yamato all at once, before Orochimaru stopped the it actually sasuke is stronger...

Is sasuke jealous when he learns sai is his replacement?

no he don't care. he actually expected some1 stronger than Sai.

Picture of Sai from Naruto?

Does Sai love Naruto?


Who is stronger sage Naruto or itachi?

itachi is better than naruto without sage mode but with sage mode naruto is stronger and faster

Where is the battle scroll for when Naruto battles Sai on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

Sai holds it in his pocket.