Is my nail going to fall off?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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I got my nail crushed in a chair today and it isn't black or blue (I can't really tell with my blue nail polish though) but it hurts so bad and there's blood around it.

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Q: Is my nail going to fall off?
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I just tripped off and it hurted my toenail will it fall off?

If you tripped and hurt our toe nail and the toe nail is bruised or damaged it could fall off.

How do you get nail polish off wedding ring?

Nail polish remover... or scratch it off... It does eventually fall off.

What should you do your thumb nail fell off?

let it fall off

Why does a nail fall off?

A nail falls off because there has been an injury to the nail and the part of the finger below. This causes the blood flow and nerve endings to separate from the nail so it falls off.

Will ryans toe nail fall off?

yes cause it smells

What would happen if caught you fingernail in the cardoor?

It will fall off because that is what is happening with me it does not hurt it just feels weird and a new nail will come in and the old nail will fall off and you won't feel a thing.

What nail polish colors are going to be in this fall and winter?

For fall, navy blue is hot and this winter it will be bright purple.

Is it natural for your nail to fall off?

No, not unless you bruised it and then it fell off. If you did not bruise it go see a DOCTOR.

If you had a nail fall off what should you do?

just leave it alown and sometimes it willgrow back

What would cause fingernails to fall off?

There are many things that would cause finger nails to fall off. You could have hit the nail on something for example.

If you slam a door shut on your nail will it fall off?

It might - it depends on the damage to the nail bed, just behind the cuticle. In some cases, the nail will fall off relatively soon. In other cases, there will be a break or overlap when a new nail begins behind the old one - this is the most difficult situation to treat, as the new nail may be misshapen (this more frequently occurs on broken toenails).

What should you do if your nail almost comes off on your big toe but not all the way do to injury?

Allow it to fall off on its own.