Is milk good to treat ringworm?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Milk has no effect, whatsoever, on ringworm sores. Ringworm is a fungus infection and requires treatment with an anti-fungal ointment or medicine. Try some of the stronger athlete's foot or 'jock itch' ointments, rubbing them thouroughly into each sore. If that does not do the job for you in a couple of weeks, then GO TO A DOCTOR and get a prescription drug!!!

Do NOT scratch the sores, as that will just spread the fungus around.

Signed . . . Been there, done that.

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Q: Is milk good to treat ringworm?
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Will quadriderm cream treat ringworm?

Quadiridern cream can be used to treat ringworm.

Will doxycycline treat ringworm?

doxycycline can be used for ringworm?

Does neosporin treat ringworm?

If you apply Neosporin on your weal/welt caused by ringworm it will keep it dry which is a good thing. Neosporin doesn't help getting completely rid of ringworm but it does help. To get rid of ringworm you need an anti-fungus cream for ringworm is a fungus growing on your skin.

Will lamisil spray treat ringworm?


Can you use betadine on ringworm?

what is the difference between alclometasone and clotrimazole? do they both treat ringworm ?

Will cephalexin get rid of ringworm?

No Cephalexin is used to treat bacterial infections. Ringworm is a fungal infection.

What happens if we spay the dog while infected with ringworm?

It's dangerous - treat the ringworm first.

Will candid b cream treat ringworm?


Do you have to go to the doctor to treat ringworm?

no u don't have to

What is sulphur used for ringworm?

treat fungal skin disease

Can zovirax treat ringworm?

No. Ringworm is a completely different type of fungi than those you can get vaginally. Ringworm is treated via oral medication. Depending on where the ringworm is, you will need separate medication. Scalp ringworm needs to be treated with a special shampoo and pill called Terbinafine. Skin-based ringworm needs to be treated with a course of Itraconazole medication. Vaginal anti-fungal cream will have no effect on ringworm.

What did they use in the middle ages to treat ringworm?

they used male urine