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If you are not allergic to milk, raw milk from grass-fed cows is an excellent source of calcium and healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Pasteurized milk, on the other hand, can cause quite a few problems. When milk is pasteurized, lactase, the naturally occurring digestive enzyme which breaks down the lactose in milk, is no longer present in the milk. This means the breakdown of lactose depends solely on your body's production of lactase, and can therefore take a toll on your digestive system over time, causing problems such as the inability to absorb the nutrients in your food.

Also, when milk is pasteurized, calcium and other nutrients are significantly reduced.

So the answer is, raw milk is good for you at any age, whereas pasteurized milk should be avoided, especially as you get older.

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Q: Is milk good for when you are older?
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If younger than 3, it's whole milk. Any older and it can be skim milk.

Can you give older dogs milk?

older dogs seem to tolerate milk, but for puppies cows milk is 100 percent fatal if ingested. the safest type og milk even for old dogs or puppies is goat milk.

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I'm pretty sure a cow makes milk when older, But they also do it when their pregnant.

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well milk does get older but it depends where it is and how hot it is there.

Can dogs drink milk when they are older?


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For milk powder that has been properly stored, it shouldn't be a safety issue about using it beyond the package date. Older milk powder may have changed in flavor and might not taste as good as one would hope.

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No, milk is not a good conductor.

Why is there no benefit to drinking cow's milk?

Cow's milk is meant for baby cows. Human milk is meant for baby humans. Anyone older than a baby doesn't need milk at all. A good primary source of calcium (if that is what you are worried about) is green leafy vegetables. ------------------- The benefit of drinking cows milk is a debateable point, even amongst doctors and nutritionists.

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Older milk cartons were not made of biodegradable materials. The newest milk cartons that are produced are made of biodegradable materials.

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