Is mastubateing good

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Feels good when you ejaculate.

Temporally relieves stress.


Makes you Depressed

Penis size decreases

Penis strength decreases

Difficulty focusing

Blurred vision

Body becomes weak

Servitude to your desires

Susceptible to being manipulated by women

Weak mind or inability to think straight and correct

Weak bones and joints

Feeling "light weight" or Vulnerable

erections become difficult

Can lead to impotency

Lowers your immune system

Hormones go haywire

Testicles decrease in size

Ruins your marriage and your relationships

Destroys your confidence and self-esteem

Destroys your motivation to live

Become irritated

Makes you violent and angry

An over whelming feeling of shame

Can't look people in the eyes

Hard to focus on things

You start to view women as sex objects

Distorts your view on women

Can lead to suicide or murder

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Q: Is mastubateing good
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