Is masterbution healthy

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is masterbution healthy
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Every day continued masterbution it is bad or good?

if it feels good then it is good.

Is It Good Having Masterbution With 11 Year Old Guy?

I don't think so.

Does daily masterbution is harmfull for coming wedding life?

No it is not. Many masturbate through out their lives incl marriage.

What indicates whether a population is healthy or growing?

i dontknow that is why i came to ask.comin the first place.

How healthy water is?

How is it NOT healthy. You ARE water... mostly.

Are dark colored drinks healthy or not healthy?

not healthy



What makes the healthy children healthy?

Healthy children become healthy by eating nutritiously and exercising.

Is kissing healthy for you?

if not healthy for your ''health'' its healthy for your mind and your feelings

Is spaghetti healthy?

Why is it healthy

Is snicker healthy?

no it is not healthy

Is healthy an adjective?

Yes, healthy is an adjective. Example: healthy food.