Is masterbaution good or bad

Updated: 9/18/2023
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In historical times, masturbation was considered bad, but now it is considered normal and does no harm and maybe may be a good thing. Masturbation can be performed by couples on each other and can be quite fun to do.

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Q: Is masterbaution good or bad
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Is masterbaution bad?

no not at all its natural...... its better then going and getting knocked up just for pleasure. :D have fun

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Yes as a mater of fact recent studies indicate that men who masturbate regularly have a lower incidence of prostrate problems in later life. That is of coarse assuming that they are not having normal sex regularly.

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Absolutely less than you have done it for, because apparently it affects linguistic skills terribly.

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Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation, especially of one's own genitals (self masturbation), often to the point of orgasm. ..

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